Basic Components of a Home Theater System

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Good news!  If you are one of the many folks who have experienced some degree of confusion about the components of a home theater system, you’ll be glad to discover that it’s not as complicated as you think.  It really boils down to four basic elements:

Television – If you’re in the market for a new television, this is the component that people tend to spend the most time contemplating – mainly because the choice of screens is for many, the most personal aspect of selecting a home theater. There are several choices in today’s television.  Certainly, there are variations within each television type with prices ranging anywhere from modest to quite costly.

Speakers – Speakers are where your sound will flow. One of the best things about home theater speakers is the ability to experience surround sound very similar to what you experience in movie theaters.  Home theater speakers come in all shapes and sizes and are also quite personal for some consumers. You can purchase speakers as a standalone product or as part of a home theater kit.

AV Receiver – So we’ve established that you will have speakers, a DVD player, or a recorder of some sort; you may even have a TiVo and UK iptv subscription or cable box.  Well, the AV receiver is the box you plug them all into – it receives all of the inputs and correlates them, so to speak. This is the ultimate traffic director when it comes to your home theater system.

DVD Player – Whether you’re renting or purchasing to build a movie library, a DVD player or recorder is an obvious component as this piece of equipment allows you to play a digitally enhanced video format known as Digital Video Discs (DVDs).

Explore each of these components in greater depth:

These items are a great start for any home theater and you can build, expand, and upgrade over time for an even better system.

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