Quit Smoking, You can do it


“I have been reading so many books on the harms of tobacco that I resolved to stop reading!”. Do not do the same thing!

For this not to happen to you, the best is really starting to take seriously the dangers that smoking can cause to your life. The problem is not to smoke a cigarette, but the fact is that after one another comes more others. We are going to teach him to stop smoking … once and for all!

Does it give what to think, does not give?

A first preliminary study, when – members take as a basis the results of tests of CO’S measurement (carbon monoxide) effectuated 111.835 smokers and non-smokers of 27 States of WHAT, it allowed to end that the smoke of tobacco causes elevated levels of pollution for carbon monoxide.

In these tests, where only in Portugal more than 6.500 persons participated, the smokers registered a middle tax of 17.5 ppm (you leave for a million), values twice superior at the very level tolerated for the quality of the air in the European cities. Do I take into account these worrying values, be at the height of it take a decision seriously, and not agree?

But what is Carbon Monoxide?

The concern around this odorless, colorless gas is increasing, as soon as the carbon monoxide damages the distribution of oxygen in the blood for the rest of the body. CO is produced by the combustion of petrol, coal, wood, cigarettes, and any type of fire. In the organism, his action occupies the space of the oxygen in the lungs, in the blood, in the heart, and in the brain, being also toxic for some organs. And now, already is it convinced in releasing this near cigarette?

Did you know …

Tobacco causes respiratory difficulties, provokes wrinkles, damages the hair and it reduces athletic and sexual performance! For everything, this, the prevention of tobacco “is never a negative message or radical, on the contrary, is a quite positive message for the life of the persons”

Still for more, stopping smoking brings immediate improvements, as soon as in only three days the nicotine disappears from his body, recovers the taste, and the sense of smell and he breathes with more easiness. Are still not these benefits sufficient thing to stop smoking?

And will we tell him that three months after taking the best decision of his life, to cough, the lack of air, and the respiratory problems lessen by around 10 % thanks to an improvement of his pulmonary function? Still not?

Then keep this fact: a simple cigarette contains more than 4000 substances, being that most of them are toxic and more than 40 are carcinogenic. Now only it has to weigh the pros and cons …

“But I like to smoke …”

This must be the most heard answer when the subject is to stop smoking. Worse than that, it is the enthusiasm that the smokers employ in this affirmation, becoming very difficult not to believe in them. But will it be that they like smoking so much so or hardly like satisfying the necessity of smoking and they were accustomed to the taste and to the smell?

the consumption of tobacco “is associated with the pleasure that is managed to withdraw of the act in you, not creating from soon a dependence”. Nevertheless, from the moment in which this consumption becomes frequent, “the organism begins to be adapted to the new reality, not managing to tolerate the abstinence”. For everything this, “it is possible to understand the pathological side of the smoker who becomes a hostage of the internal necessities.

Since it is not easy to coexist with abstinence, which creates anguish and ailment, which it accommodates, in this way, to a less unpleasant state … looking for refuge in the cigarette”

HABIT VS Addiction

It is in the height of separating these two terms that are frequently associated with the consumption tabágico. In spite of most smokers not distinguishing the habit of the vice, the truth is not much different. Otherwise, let’s see his meanings defined by the dictionaries:

  • Habit. Tendency or behavior, generally unconscious; routine; automatism.
  • Addiction. Irresistible inclination; dependence; I wonder. Post of this way, is it well-known that the definitions are clearly different, does not it agree?

If you put forever out of his life the cigarette then it heads his list of stages for a healthier life … congratulations! The most important thing of everything is conceived what is never late to stop and what “tobacco is a completely one less good thing for the health”

Even that now, he thinks that “speaking is easier than doing”, he knows that motivation is the key to stop smoking … but also there are sites that can help it in his decision in releasing forever the tobacco.

All the helps are precious

In the height of stopping smoking, all the ways are valid, since it puts on part the cigarette. As such, “it is necessary to give information to the persons so that they can manage his life itself, as soon as to inform on the harms of the tobacco is to give power to take decisions, I take into account to health itself and the life itself”. But when this is not the sufficient thing, there are other alternatives:

  • Mints. They supply nicotine through the absorption for the buccal mucous membrane.
  • Transdermal System. Transparent stickers that help the continuous and controlled release of the nicotine.
  • Oral inhaler. it looks like inhaler for asthma. When the smoker blows and inspires air, a small quantity of nicotine is inhaled.
  • Hypnosis. Allow a deep relaxation and it weakens the wish of smoking.
  • Laser. Acting in determined points, it reduces the will.

Infallible plan

The best form to manage to stop smoking is to stop at once. Is it going to be difficult? Undoubtedly! But the result becomes much easier and convincing! Use these five present strategies in the program “Help – For a life without tobacco” and give birth already today! Do we go to that?


Revise his habits of life and write down in a paper the principal moments in which the cigarette is essential for you. Analyze the motives that take it smoking, the importance that has to stop smoking his life and choose the most favorable moment to begin this plan.


Many persons, when they stop smoking, have tendency to put on weight, as soon as they compensate for the lack of tobacco with the food. While stopping smoking be going to recover the true capacities of the sense of smell and of the taste, therefore be of use to re-discover the true taste of the foods.

Bet on the vegetables and cut in the chocolates, coffee and alcohol, since they wake the will of smoking. It will be felt what is same needing of smoking, a piece of fruit drinks a glass of water, coma or chew an elastic pastille without sugar.


To practice sport is going to help to remove his wish of nicotine, as well as it is going to prevent from increasing the weight. To be concentrated in a physical activity does so that he does not think so much in smoking and loses the interest for the tobacco.

A hint: Choose a sport that likes, practice regularly and never give up!

Support of the Family and Friends:

So that to decide to stop smoking information the persons who go round it and is not felt when it will have to ask support disgraced. The one who never smoked, or it managed to stop smoking, it will always be a good help. As for his smoking friends, ask them whom they do not smoke to his front.

Extra Hints:

• Cleans and airs the places where it used to smoke: house, car, office.

• Hides all the lighters and matches.

• does not guard any pack of tobacco of reserve in the drawer.

• always Have near to you a substitute of nicotine (use only in emergency!).

• Be Distracted by a magazine.

• Maintain the occupied fingers (draw, write, do exercises of relaxation …).

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