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Men want fashion that is practical, versatile, and easy-going. They need something that they can throw together while still looking well put together. Polo shirts are a men’s fashion staple. They make for great layering pieces as well. They are a wonderful casual go-to. Polo’s make for a classic, easy-going, casual look. It is easy to dress up and dress down a polo look for any occasion. The best choice is to choose a solid color to reflect your personal style. A solid will be classier and more fashionable. Consider the wide variety of shades available to you, and what colors will best complement your wardrobe. You want to choose something that is versatile and can be transformed into every aspect of your life.

Stylish Casual Look

One way to turn this preppy style into something that is chic and modern is to wear a solid black or navy polo. This will give the polo a more sophisticated vibe. Keeping it simple and clean will allow you to dress up this look if you so choose. Look for a polo shirt with quality fabric, this will not only give you a quality garment, but it will look far more sophisticated. A polo shirt that hits right at the hip will look nice and un-tucked, allowing for a stylish casual look. In the summer, you can even wear them with Bermuda shorts for a day at the beach. You can wear the same polo to work by pairing it with a nice pair of trousers, and nicely tailored blazer. This is one way you can go from day wear to night wear. Sleeves should hit the middle of your bicep, and be slightly fitted. You do not want them to be too snug (and cutting off your circulation), but you do not want it to look too baggy and ill fitting. Stick with the colors of the season. Reserve pastel colors for the summer, burgundies for the fall, navy for the winter, and bright colors for the spring. This will keep you looking trendy year-round.

Wearing a polo shirt with a great pair of jeans is a great way to find a classic casual style. Look for a classic wash. You want something that you can wear year round. Fashion changes so quickly. This is why it is best for to choose a style which is a timeless look. Pick something that will always be in style. For instance, the original blue jean style is a versatile style. They are derivative from their work wear counter parts. Faded blue jeans are for a timeless casual look. They are good to be paired with a polo or sport coat. Dark denim washes are the most classic of the washes. A straight pant with a solid dark polo shirt and a blazer will make for a classic look. You cannot go wrong with such a look. Crazy colors and overly distressed denim will phase in and out of fashion quickly.

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