Women Rule the World

Girls Power

Women rule the world – really! I believe this with all my heart. It is obvious to me but I want to make it obvious to you out there, who are skeptical right now, and I know why you are. Women are so undermined in today’s society. The media, the government, the whole beauty industry, and conservative traditions make women feel inferior to men. In reality, we are not – we are just feared. Women would be unstoppable if we realized our full potential because without us this world is lost.

Let’s start off with the facts. Yes, there are actual facts stating that females are the stronger gender from a biological point of view:

Biologically women are superior to men due to various reasons. Research shows that we live longer than men. Women become approximately seven years older than men. We are also more resistant to cancer, the flu, and other infectious diseases. A female intuitively knows how to take better care of herself – physically and mentally. We have better control over our bodies and have a feeling of what’s going on. Some females can tell with 100% certainty if their child will be a boy or a girl. Last but not definitely not least, we give birth to new life. We actually live through the experience of a human being growing inside of us. We are the ones responsible for taking care of ourselves so that the baby is healthy and can start off his or her life well and protected.

But enough with all the facts. They vary from person to person and can only be looked at objectively. What matters to me is that women are much more powerful than we think we are.

Women can manipulate any man with their appearance because men are driven by sex, and it is hard for a man to overcome sexual desire. Not so much for women. If you are in a relationship, you should start thinking and visualizing that you, as a female, are in control, and I ensure you that you will be. If a man makes you feel bad about yourself or tries to control you, it is because he is insecure and fears your power. I like the quote from Adriana Lima saying:

“Dear Woman, sometimes you’ll just be too much woman, too smart, too beautiful, too strong, too much of something, that makes a man feel less of a man, which will start making you feel like you have to be less of a woman. The biggest mistake you can make is to remove jewels from your crown to make it easier for the man to carry. When this happens, I need you to understand. You do not need a smaller crown – you need a man with bigger hands.”

Women are emotionally capable of feeling what someone else is feeling. Female intuition is a real thing. Trust me.  Personally, I’m on an emotional roller coaster every day. Sounds stressful – yes – but it depends on how you perceive it. I like to look at it this way: Whatever emotional pain, happiness, or excitement I experience, my reaction to it shows how much I can actually feel. Isn’t that just incredible?

Whenever I feel heartbroken and it kind of feels like the world is coming to an end (we have all been there), I start thinking “Omg, it’s just amazing how much I can actually love”. 

So, embrace your femininity and your powers. According to Mohadesa Najumi: “A female that does not require validation is the most feared creature on this planet”. Women are often so controlled by what the media tells us, or what men tell us. A female that can overcome this and free herself from the need for validation will be the most powerful individual.

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