Bathroom Trends 2021

Interior Trends

Nowadays bathrooms are becoming more stylish than ever before. Simple things like mat, taps, and storage are becoming the expressions of your style, taste and feelings.

Want to find what 2021 has prepared for us?

Dots and Dashes

A boring, plain bathroom is what you have to avoid in 2021. These days, all sorts of dots and dashes should appear on your bathroom walls. Alternatively, you may consider  full wall graphics. Modern technologies allow us to put pretty much any picture on the walls.

How about adding some color? Think about the following combos: pink & blue, pink & grey and orange & green.

Add some metallic. Think about freshening up your bathroom with different metallic things like gold, antique bronze or nickel.

Modern and vintage mix

Seems impossible?! No! For instance, it does not need to be a very noticeable mix. You can bring some tiny vintage elements to your  modern bathroom, like a few accessories. Also, fully accessorized bathrooms is what designers encourage us to bring in 2021.

Tropical Spa

Nowadays our busy life requires some relaxation and mindfulness. How about your personal tropical spa? Bring  plenty of luscious greenery and luxurious cleansing to your bathroom!

Going green

2021 encourages us to think about our planet. Get some eco-conscious bathroom products to save some water and energy. Consider using environmentally friendly materials. Bring some plants that will feel comfortable at your place.

Black Accents

Don’t be afraid of black color! It can be very stylish. 2021 brings us the trend for thin, black metal frames, taps and other possible accessories.

Warm and Natural

If all the above-mentioned trends do not match your taste and preferences. Think about calm, sand-like tones. That is also trendy.

Bedroom and Bathroom

How about connecting these two spaces?  First of all,  you can save some space. Moreover, your home will have a wholly different atmosphere. This idea will bring  coziness.

Naval Style

We all miss the seaside… How about extending your vacation?  Make your bathroom elegant by using heavy colors and adding the above-mentioned black accents, that are very popular nowadays. They give your bathroom a bold, boho look, with a hint of elegance. Since vintage is still a trend, give your bathroom a vintage appearance.

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