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Choosing the right oven is an overwhelming process since the healthiest and tastiest food is prepared in the oven! All sorts of roasted meat and fish, casseroles, pies and cakes. Oh well, pies and cakes are not the healthiest foods in the world, but still, they are very delicious when you prepare them right. Even if you have done everything correctly, a bad oven can mess up everything! For sure, you want a high-quality oven with several functions. Here comes the question. What should I get?

Why Alpex Inox?

Almost 70 years of experience! The company was founded in 1954. Very soon it gained an outstanding reputation. The products are known for high technical and quality standards, special design and, of course, the accurate machining of steel. What is absolutely wonderful is that high-quality material is stainless, hygienic, and very resistant. Its exclusive “silver” colouring draws the attention even of the most demanding customers.

The basic qualities that characterize the Alpes Inox products:

  • Quality
  • Functionality
  • Safety

Alpes Inox Ovens

These ovens are characterized by cooking chambers with “easy to clean” enamel coating in grey. These ovens are resistant to rust, high temperature and dirt, due to carefully selected chromium and nickel composition. Thanks to the triple glass door, the outer surface never exceeds 50°C, even at the highest internal temperatures. Moreover, these ovens include a touch control timer for clock adjusting, timer and programmer of the cooking time: functions control knob: light, thermostatic cooling, ventilated thermostatic cooking, bottom heating element, grill, super grill, ventilated grill, ventilated cooking, ventilated cooking with a bottom heating element.

In conclusion, after getting familiar with Alpes Inox UK, you will never trust any other manufacturer! Alpes Inox offers a great variety of different products. Your indoor and outdoor kitchen can be equipped with stylish, elegant, durable stainless sinks, hobs, ovens, extractor hoods, and other kitchen furniture units. Getting back to ovens, could you imagine your kitchen without a high-quality oven? Definitely not! Do you want to enjoy healthy and tasty food? Do not hesitate and have a look at our website! You will find ovens and all sorts of other products that stand out due to their quality, functionality and safety! Hurry up, these days we are having really good deals for you!

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