Easy Ways You Can Bring The Outdoors To Your Indoors

Indoor Gardening

Nature can make you feel relaxed and refreshed. The blue of water and sky, the greens and browns of trees and grasses and the colors of flowers can bring a sense of calm and peace in a go-go-go world. But sometimes, time outdoors isn’t possible. So, do the next best thing: bring the outdoors in. While plants may be the obvious answer, they aren’t the only answer. Read on for some great ways to bring that calming feeling of nature into your home.

Paint Your Walls

Using some of the colors from nature, such as the blues and greens mentioned above, is a great way to bring nature into your home. But don’t forget yellow, which can invoke a feeling of warmth and freshness, like the sun. Other great “outside in” choices are shades of white, beige and tan, which can make your home feel light, simple and clean. Whether you paint one accent wall ocean blue or an entire room moss green, paint is a wonderful way to bring the earth into your living space.

Use Natural Fibers and Textures

When choosing furniture, consider selecting items made from wicker, jute, heme, rattan or other materials that remind you of nature. Not in the market for new furniture? Even a well placed wicker basket, a hemp lampshade or a jute area rug can add the perfect natural touch to your living space.

Implement Little Natural Elements

Pretty pebbles make a great statement inside classic candle holders. Seashells are visually interesting vase fillers. Jars of sand topped with a pretty ribbon look great on a mantle. A stick of driftwood on a side table is a great conversation starter. Don’t have any natural elements to decorate with? That’s okay. Using murals or photographs can also accomplish bringing more of the outdoors inside without the actual elements themselves.

Use Your Natural Light

Open the curtains and shades and let the light inside. If you have very heavy drapes, replace them with lighter fabrics or even sheers. Make sure your windows are washed inside and out. Screens, too! Clear any bushes, trees, barbecues, and trash cans that may be blocking your windows so that you can see the outdoors from indoors.

Use Flowers

Whether it’s flowers from your garden or from your local florist, having even just a small bouquet of blooms in your home can really brighten up a room. Try a pop of color that isn’t anywhere else in your space, such as yellow tulips in a room with a lot of blue and white. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate arrangement, just something that catches your eye. It’s a bonus if it brings a nice fragrance into your home.

It doesn’t have to be hard to bring elements of nature into your home. Quick, simple decor changes can bring the Earth into your home and hopefully some calm into your life.

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