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His full name is Michael Nelson Trout. Mike is an American baseball player who plays for Los Angeles Angels which comes under Major League Baseball. Mike has secured wide acclaim from both media and critics for his professional athletic skills. His list of awards and distinctions ran long including MLB All Stars and American League Most Valuable Player. Because of his track record he is regarded as one the most brilliant players in baseball history.

Mike Trout Age

Mike was born on August 7, 1991 in New Jersey, US. He is 30 years old as of 2021.

Mike Trout Net- Worth

Mike’s net- worth stands at staggering $60 million. He owes it all to his highly successful career in baseball.

Mike Trout Injury

On May 17, Mike suffered a strain in right calf. He suffered the injury during a relatively innocuous play. He suffers from continued soreness. It is possible he may be out from the whole season.

Mike Trout Stats

Some of Mike’s MLB stats are as follows

Batting average .306

Hits        1,415

Home runs          310

Runs batted in  815

Stolen bases      201

Some other frequently asked questions about Mike are

What makes Mike Trout so valuable?

Trout is an excellent player. He hits with power, makes regular contact, is patient at the plate and plays stellar defence in center field. He is also a clubhouse leader, the way he led the club through the sad death of Tyler Skaggs was exemplary.

Did Mike Trout go to minor league?

Trout started his career by playing in little league. From there he made his way to the top.

How much will Mike Trout make in 2021?

In 2021, Trout will earn a base salary of $35,450,000 and an incentive bonus of $50,000, while carrying a total salary of $37,166,667.

What is special about Mike Trout?

He’s one of 10 players all-time to lead his league in stolen bases and to lead his league in slugging. Which makes him pretty special.

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