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His full name is Thomas Jeffery Hanks. He is an American actor and director and is known for his comedic and dramatic roles. Tom is among those elite stars of Hollywood who are recognized worldwide. Hanks is carrying many awards and distinctions for his exceptional acting and is included in the list of highest grossing actors.

Tom Hanks Net- Worth

Tom Hanks is among the richest club of actors. His net- worth stands at a staggering $400 Million mostly from films he acted in or directed.

Tom Hanks Age

Tom Hanks was born on 9 July, 1965 in California US. He is about 65 years old.

Tom Hanks Oscar

Tom Hanks is among the few actors who have won more than 1 Oscar awards. He won two Oscars in 1993 and 1994 for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump respectively.

Tom Hanks Family

Tom twice. His first wife was Samantha Lewes whom he married in 1978 and divorced in 1987. He married to Rita Wilson, an actress, in 1988. Tom has 4 children, 3 sons and a daughter.

Tom Hanks Best Movies

He has given multiple blockbuster movies. Some of his most famous movies are Greyhound (2020), Inferno (2016), The Post (2017), Bridge of Spies (2015), Cast Away (2000), Road to Perdition (2002) and many others.

Here are Some Other Questions:

1. What Religion is Tom Hanks?

Hanks has switched religions more than once. His most recent his Greek Orthodox. Although he spent longest in Catholicism.

2. What is Tom Hanks Highest Grossing Movie?

Toy Story 3 was his highest grossing movie which made $1.1 Billion worldwide.

3. Does Tom Hanks Get Royalties from Toy Story?

Although he only got $50000 for his first film of the series, he later made a lot of money from the series.

4. Is Saving Private Ryan a True Story?

The story of Saving Private Ryan is overall fiction, however, the film draws inspiration from the story of an actual soldier named Fritz Niland and a U.S. war department directive called the sole-survivor directive.

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