5 Foods That go Directly to Your Hips – You Have to Stop Eating Them!


Beyond aesthetics, fat accumulated in the hips can increase the risk of circulatory problems in the legs. This distribution and accumulation of fat in the body depends on food, gender, and hormone levels and can happen at any moment.

When you eat a large meal, the fat enters the bloodstream almost immediately, about an hour later the fat is processed by the body and incorporated into the tissue; Especially in the hip, thighs and buttocks, says expert Fredrick Karpe of Oxford University.

Fats On Hips

To avoid this process or at least try to control it today we bring you a list of foods that go straight to your hips:

  1. Sushi rolls

Full of vegetables and wrapped in seaweed, it is a healthy dish, except if they contain cream cheese or accompanied with mayonnaise dressing; Both are high in calories and may contribute to an increase in hip area.

  1. Burrito

Tempting on a night of drinking, but dangerous for your hips. A portion of this food gives your body 19 grams of fat, 1180 calories and also sodium, which can influence water retention, which is notorious mainly in this area.

  1. Processed juices

A study by the University of California reveals that excessive consumption of this beverage is associated with the risk of obesity. Intake of sucrose without fiber is related to the metabolic syndrome, accumulation of body fat.

  1. Alcoholic beverages

According to the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition of the German Institute of Human Nutrition, these types of fluids contribute to the accumulation of body fat in women.

  1. Granola

It usually consists of oats or other types of flakes, nuts, grated coconut and honey. If combined with yogurt plus a sedentary lifestyle, this breakfast goes from healthy to fat that builds up at the hips.

Tip: One way to avoid this is through a balanced diet, and consumption of some beverages; Example green tea, which in addition to helping with the burning of calories helps to control hunger and thus decrease the consumption of fat.

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